Not His Daddy’s Party

Sorry Joe Dooling, you’re just going to have to take the shovel here. Dooling, not a union member and has never been one, recently decided to take issue with Montana’s Labor unions and their support of the Democratic party despite, in his limited view, the ‘extreme environmentalism’ that is ‘choking out the interests of labor within the party.’  IMG_5515 In all honesty Joe, Labor isn’t sure if either party has Labors ‘interests’ at heart and instead Labor finds itself threading a very fine needle in an effort to be looked after and represented here in Montana and back East. The ‘reality is’, Joe, you need a little education.
Labor will and should support those who support workers on as broad an agenda as possible. By no means does the Democratic Party pull that off 100% of the time, in fact, it could be said the percentage is much lower. However, in comparison, the true lip service comes from the other direction, the Republican Party. Candidate Gianforte put his millions where his mouth is and snubbed Labor by first scheduling a call in interview and later canceling even that call without any effort to meet with the elected board of the Montana AFL-CIO. Of course, he was able to spin a quick story, but  in the end he showed his respect and concern for Labor in Montana: that would be a 0%. So of course Bullock was endorsed, he did the very thing that is expected of any one in this arena: he showed up and he committed to Labor on a number of issues, not just Colstrip.
Montana has always been a ‘boom and bust’ economy. The boom is easy to explain: there’s gold in them hills! The bust always gets a lot of blame which is typically laid upon the shoulders of greedy unions and lazy politicians. The real culprit often escapes or rather, pulled out with their bags of money long before anyone realized the lights were being turned off. Large industry, aka ‘The Company’, has always set up shop, made some cheap improvements along the way but never reinvested in real time processes, technology and upgrades that would keep facilities viable and profitable in the end. Instead, the wealth has been extracted and the getting is good, so it’s time to go.
Now, to say Gianforte is ‘doggedly fighting to protect industry…’ and ‘good union jobs’ is a bit of a stretch. To date Gianforte is merely a candidate and all he is ‘doggedly’ doing is giving sound bites much like a certain national candidate. And much like that national candidate, Gianforte has been forced to alter his position once he realizes as Governor he would never be able to deliver. For instance, insisting that the Governor of Washington State veto legislation that affects Colstrip. Sorry Greg and Joe, only the citizens of Washington State pack that punch. But it sounds good and may even sound good to some union members. Snake oil once sold quite well too.
No doubt Labor should be grateful that Dooling opposes right to work legislation. As the Chair of the Lewis and Clark GOP he should be able to exert some influence with the Representative Wittich’s of the world (or is it Gianforte Chief Legal Counsel Wittich?) as they introduce legislation to cripple unions. Looking back at the last session and the single bill for right to work, Joe you missed your opportunity to stand up for Labor. Thanks for the comment though, it’s a ‘dogged’ approach. In reality Joe, there’s the party that isn’t backing Labor 100% but shows up and then there’s the party that is trying to kill labor (the facts speak for themselves Joe) and shows up 100% to do just that.
Two parting thoughts: Joe, could it be that you’re really still smarting from a failed Senate race against a union member and Labor endorsed candidate, a race you resented not getting an AFL-CIO endorsement in? And to the ‘friends in organized labor’ of Joe Dooling, why are you friends with Joe Dooling?


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’