Weddings, Funerals and Primaries

You know what they say about weddings and funerals?  Of course you do, unless you dropped out of the sky, they bring out the worst in people.  Lost invitations, no invitation, slighted guests, left out of the will and uncle John got drunk then told everyone off again.  It never fails and the insult will live on to the next dysfunctional family gathering. But what does this have to do with a primary that took place four months ago?

Well, head on over to Flint Creek Range and check out the race in Senate District 39. In a normal election, this would be a race between a D and an R. Then again 2020 has been no where near ‘normal’. Instead, the tri-county voters will be participants of what has now become a three way race between an unknown republican candidate, Suzzann Nordwick, voter picked primary winner Mark Sweeney and sore loser primary second choice Gordie Pierson. You read that right, Pierson lost fair and square. Rather than accept his 300 vote defeat, Ol’ Gordie has filed as a write in candidate and produced signs to prove it!

So why all the hurt feelings? It’s not like politics aren’t dirty and over the last decade, even dirtier. Historically, an empty legislative seat is assumed to go to the more senior legislator who would qualify for that seat. In this case, Gene Vuckovich has cleaned out his desk in seat number 39. Pierson assumed he was next in line for the Montana Senate, but in doing so failed to properly assess the lack of decorum and courtesy of Mark Sweeney. Gordo has a point here and this is not Sweeney’s first time at pulling a fast one. In fact, this would be his third time in challenging another democrat in a primary. His previous slippery backstabs took place in PSC races in 2012 and 2016. Ultimately, both PSC races ended in a republican victory and you know what that looks like today. Sweeney looks a little like Maryland Matt or Jersey Gianforte in his effort to get elected only to run for a different office in the next cycle. Ok, so we’ve established the fact that Sweeney is a self centered jerk. Now back to the big guy.

Pierson would be a far better Senator than Sweeney given his good nature and ability to get along with people. By no means the brightest bulb in the pack, but willing to listen, take a little guidance and ask questions. On the downside, Gordie is lazy and always has been. Even with the prospect of a challenger in the primary he failed to hit his turbo switch and kick up the pace. Pre Covid, Sweeney was buying coffee and doughnuts for the old folks who vote in the three counties of the district. Gordie spent his time stomping his foot and crying no fair. Fast forward to June 3rd and it all should have been history as the voters have spoken. And yet, here we are watching what will be a very close race between the two. So? Remember, this is a three way race and Sweeney has the magic touch of being the guy who hands an office to the other party. In this case, Pierson will be his accomplice.

District 39 has long been a Democratic stronghold and should remain so given the history of the area. But Dumb and Dumber are putting that at great risk and at a time when the Governor’s office is up for grabs. One of the two should do the noble thing and bow out. That one is Pierson and he should pull his campaign down and endorse Sweeney no matter how rotten of a taste it leaves in his mouth. So come on Gordie, pull up your great big boy pants, pack up the barbecue and head off to better things for now: believe it or not, this is bigger than you.


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’