Praise RTW and Pass The Basket

And now my dear congregants, please open your hymnals to page HB 251 for our next song of praise in anti union bills. We will be led by brother Caleb Hinkle of Belgrade who will in turn be led by Keith Regeir through daughter Amy Regeir. Now please rise so we may all better stand on the necks of the working class in Montana.


The disdain for workers must have been a nightly conversation during dinner at the Regeir home while Amy was growing up. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Clearly, daughter Amy shares father Keith’s dislike for employee rights as you can see from her LC’s. Besides her hand off to Hinkle with 251 she also has in place LC 0946 which drills down into her place of work which was not so recently organized by SEIU 1199 in a bizarre organizing effort that involved the Montana Nurses Association and the Montana Teamsters Local 2. No one is quite sure what her ax grinding is all about, but she’s clearly not happy. Of course that may go back to being raised by the Flathead’s most unhappy dad.


Amy’s bill, now Caleb’s bill, goes all the way and rams Janus down the throats of Montana’s private sector workers. It also wipes out the withdrawal window for union membership despite that process being upheld as legal by courts across the country. She also goes so far as to outlaw the ultimate and age old worker two by four- the strike. Add in a few more things like an obligation on the part of the employer to post notice of ‘Employee Freedom of Choice’ and criminal penalties of up to $1000 for violations of the law. For folks who don’t much care for government, they sure seem to like the idea of government regulation. It’s a bill that has a big impact on organized workers in Montana both private and public. It’s too big for lil’ Amy to carry so young Caleb will do the dirty work. After all, those union bosses can be shady characters and no reason to put an innocent in danger. Come to think of it, a female legislator hasn’t been ‘allowed’ to carry a Right to Work bill in the last three decades. This is clearly a man’s work!

Praise the Lord!!!

Pastor Lovejoy

So bless those Regiers! They’re doing their damnedest to kill the union and reduce what’s left of the middle class to the working poor. Please rise once again as we sing ‘Shall we gather at the food bank.’


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’

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