You’re a daisy if you do!

Broward, the latest on the assault rifle hit parade has once again got the pundits jawing and the POTUS yawning.  The gun lobby is circling the wagon and breaking out the 2nd Amendment signs..Clantons_Tombstone.”you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands.”  Okay, if that’s what it takes maybe it’s time to start calling out a few of these freedom loving Americans.  On the other side of the fence, the cry is once again focused on the evil of guns and those who carry them.  And yet, neither side budges so we play the fife lowly and beat the drum slowly as we carry more of our children off to boot hill.

Democrats cringe every time there’s a mass shooting, in part due to the unholy loss of life but also because of the tightrope they will now be forced to walk when up for re-election.  Take a hard-line in favor of gun legislation in a state like Montana and you might as well tell your mamma you’re a sissy-boy.  You just got branded as a steer in the herd of liberals corralled by Nancy Pelosi!  As Senator Daines and Representative Gianforte have lips firmly attached to the ass off the NRA and receive their A+ grade from the gun lobby machine of ‘Merika.

Meanwhile, Democrat Jon Tester does the two-step to avoid alienating his out-of-state PAC money or his constituents back home whose biggest purchase in the last year was a gun safe advertised to hold 48 “long-rifles” with a 40 minute survival time in a house fire of not more than 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. Daisy

Despite the fact everyone knows Tester, like a majority of the professional politicians, would never support repealing the second amendment but he/they could very well endorse legislation limiting bump-stocks, high capacity magazines, a national gun registry – oh wait, we already have that because unless you buy the gun off the back of a truck, you register it before you leave the store or gun show – or, shades, a waiting period.

Now wait, nobody says you can’t own a gun. Nobody’s even saying you can’t carry a gun. All we’re saying is you can’t carry one in town. Now that’s not so much to ask, is it?”  Yes, yes it is you dirty pinko-liberal-tree hugging disciple of communism!  This is ‘Merika, land of the free, home of the brave and we don’t need no gub’mint telling us how to manage our shootin’ irons.

Say_whenWhen it comes to Americans and their guns…”poor souls, they’re just too high strung” to ever do more than discuss implementing stiffer gun laws.  Consider the fact that it took a Civil War and another 100 years to tackle head-on slavery and discrimination and we still screw that up more often than not.  It’s time to accept the inevitable and revel in the marketing of military grade tactical gear in the civilian sphere.  We are, after all, a gunfighter nation and little Johnny and Sally will look adorable in their basic black Kevlar vests with faux ammo pouches and grenade loops.

“Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack.” T-Bone Slim