Greg The Gimmick Man


Hey Aaron, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!



Nothing of substance up my sleeve….

Candidate Gianforte brings us yet another gimmick: sell the state-owned governor’s plane and use the cash to fund computer science in high schools across Montana. The idea is that the governor, and whoever the governor is in the future, can get out on the road, like the rest of us and that there are “…commercial providers available.”  (Eliminating a governmental entity for a commercial substitution is also known as ‘privatization’.)

It would appear that the desperation of the campaign is reaching a bit of a frenzy with the increase of stunts to try to distract from the fact that Gianforte has produced no tangible substance whatsoever.  And then there’s the problem of when he does produce something that he believes has value and will seduce voters, he later finds out that as Governor, he just doesn’t have the authority to pull it off.

How about a sampling of his feints so far?

Greg won’t accept PAC money and challenges Governor Bullock to do the same.  Greg will, however, fund his own campaign and accept the assistance of PACs such as the recent racist and fear mongering mailing regarding refugees in Montana.

Greg will donate his salary as Governor.  Around $110,00 annually.  That’s quite a sacrifice from a billionaire.

Greg will match any campaign contributions with his own money.  ‘I know I’ve claimed you commoners are among the lowest paid in the nation, but do you see how much money I have?’

Greg will sell the plane and fund education, but only computer science.  And he will put what’s left towards infrastructure, that is if Austin Knudson will let him.


There are, of course, more examples.  But back to the plane stunt.  You would think that if IMG_5698‘sarcasm’ was going to be a campaign tactic that he should look like he’s enjoying it and coach those around him to do the same.  Instead, we get Representative Brad Tischida with his best Burgermeister Meisterburger glower.  Brad, this axe is starting to run short of metal from all your grinding on it and you’ll be needing a new trick soon.

And one last observation: Irony.  The candidate who proclaims to be the guru of technology and will bring high paying tech jobs to Montana poses with a prop of a newsprint classified advertisement.  Greg, couldn’t you at least try to sell that plane on Craigslist?  Surely they store their data on your cloud.


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’

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