$Up With El$ie’$ $taff?

Montana Cowgirl shocked us all this week with the news of El$ie’$ ridiculously paid attorney/advisor in support of her role on the Montana Land Board.  It might be easier just to say that after three and a half months of meetings,  Arnt$en has realized she has on idea what anyone is talking about regarding the board or what she’s supposed to do.  Never mind that the representatives to the land board have staffers who work the process and do the bulk of the work.

Now think back over her campaign and her tumultuous start as the head of OPI and it should occur to  you that she never did know what the office was about, isn’t figuring out now and, unfortunately, probably never will.  Once elected she made promises to multiple supporters that she’d be appointing them to cake jobs within OPI and without fc85f876ce35fbda6b594919091a802b[1]knowing she had a small number of positions that she could appoint.

But maybe she’s found a loophole for her cronies- hire them as contractors like Jim Kearns and CMS or maybe temps who can work short term and collect a fat check.  Could be worth looking into since El$ie seems to have abandoned those party values of ‘fiscal responsibility’.

One thing that is for sure, if El$ie is spending the OPI bankroll on her pals there won’t be anything left for the hard working staff who turn the cranks that make the wheels on the OPI bus go round and round.  They should be grateful, at least she’s implemented a dress code.


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’



One thought on “$Up With El$ie’$ $taff?

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