Gone Fishin’

May 25, 2017, 8pm.  Montana’s special election will be in the bag and we can all go fishing again.  And Memorial Day weekend is one day away: the unofficial start of summer.  It’s been a nonstop slog of campaigning for well over a year and we all deserve a break from yard signs, phone calls, mailings, door hangers and TV adds.  Fishing.  The river rolling by.   The water lapping up on the shores of the lake.  Feel calm already?IMG_6800

The special election campaign has been heavily peppered with public lands sound bites, the Montana tradition of getting out in the woods to hunt or on the water to wet a line.  Hell, even Greg Gianforte’s imported supporters took a break to enjoy all that Montana has to offer.  Donald Trump Jr took to the field to harvest a few prairie dogs and tried his ‘skills’ in the water.

Vice President Mike Pence took advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some fishing as well.  It’s got to be rough dodging every steaming pile your boss leaves behind.  No doubt he was much in need of a little R and R while pandering to the already Gianforte faithful.  Who could blame him?

‘He looked like every other fisherman who walks in the door’ said store owner Katy Martin when Pence stopped by.  Well, except for one thing.

Pence and Trump Jr both went fishing.   Only one of them bought a fishing license.  Can you guess which one?



‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’

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