And The Winner Is

The Union!!!

union_yes_sign_616[1]The inbox brought good news today.  The ballots were counted by the Department of Labor yesterday and the majority of workers at the State Auditor’s office picked the Montana Federation of Public Employees to be their union. A few weeks ago the word went out that Matt Rosendale was facing another election, this time with his staff for a union vote.  Rosendale’s workers have been patiently waiting for this election for almost a year and a half while Team Matt threw up road block after road block to stop this vote and replace as many union supporters as possible.  It could be time for him to find a new team since they have failed him not once, but twice in less than four months.

Unfortunately, the workers at the Auditor’s office are far from getting a contract negotiated and being treated fairly by their boss. Rosendale’s crack legal team has at least one appeal in the courts right now and is sure to make some attempt at litigation over the union vote.  While a wise person would choose their battles, he seems to believe he should choose every battle and especially this one.  It’s no secret that organized labor stands for everything that Matt hates, to include workers and their rights.hqdefault[1]

Let’s hope those workers can stay strong for a while to come!  As for Matt Rosendale and his cronies, you’ve all just been told your own employees don’t buy into the line you are trying to sell Montana.  So dry your tears Matt, you’ll be out of office soon enough.


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’ body’s a part of.’

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