Who’s Your Mate, Mate?

Earlier this week Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Fox announced that he’d found a running mate- Jon Knokey.  And while not the first to announce his sidekick pick, Fox is certainly the first legitimate candidate to tap a shoulder.  A one hit wonder out of Bozeman, Knokey accomplished a few things in the 2017 legislative session before bowing out of politics due to family and work commitments.  Now keep in mind that being the Lieutenant Governor is a full time political job so Knokey’s step back into private life was short lived.  But to his credit, Fox has made a smart move in trying to separate himself from his main advisory in this race, Greg ‘The Self Funder’ Gianforte.  Dr. Al stands no real chance of coming out of this primary, but should not go unappreciated for calling a body slammer a body slammer.

Meanwhile over in the strange corner that has become the Democratic primary sits Cooney, Schreiner and Williams.  If you listen carefully in Miller’s you can hear a little gossip about who’s courting who and why.  Both Cooney and Williams have reached out to several folks with some good street cred, yet no takers.  Cooney doesn’t appear to be taking the selection process too seriously thus far. As for Williams, who wants to be part of campaign that looks like an attempt to create a Clinton/Bush looking dynasty here in Montana?  And at this point, Schreiner is looking for an exit door that he may be slippingBatman-and-Robin through very, very soon.  Word has it that Williams asked Casey to join her.  Word also has it that Cooney is being encouraged by a lot of folks who know something about all of this to break bread with Schreiner and get him on board.  And that has yet to happen either.  A Cooney-Schreiner ticket picks up a lot of support and more importantly, a lot of money.  But, those kinds of things only happen when the question gets asked.

But back to that Republican side one more time.  Gainforte is taking a page from his own playbook from his failed run for Governor in 2016 when he tried to bridge the gender gap by picking a woman for his running mate.  He’s been in touch with his first choice and she’s agreed to pray for guidance before deciding.  A divine message is expected soon. maxresdefault

‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’


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