An Oath, A Ball, And Some Shame

donald-trump-angry-reuters-3801An Oath.  January 20, 2009. There were tears of joy and speechless smiles that expressed the hope of the day and of the future. January 20, 2017. There will be tears of joy and speechless smiles that express the hope of the day and the future.  America has turned on its axis.  Eight years ago half the nation stared blankly at the other half in disbelief that it was actually happening.  Today, half the nation stares blankly at the other half in disbelief that this is actually happening.  Astonishing but true.  Donald Trump is to be sworn in as the President of the United States of America.  No amount of consternation over his conflicts of interests, lack of tax returns, tweets or tiny roaming hands will stop it.  He will need to self destruct on his own and one half will need to wait and regroup.  We have elected a narcissistic megalomaniac such as the world has not seen in more than half a century.  Whether any of us want to admit it or not, Trump was elected by ‘our’ hand and will only fall when ‘we’ come to terms with our own faults and inactions.  It is a herculean task, however, and as half the nation proved, it can be done.

‘Don’t waste time mourning, 0rganize!’  Joe Hill

A Ball.  Meanwhile, closer to home, Governor Bullock has already taken the oath and there is to be a celebratory ball.  An second term inaugural ball.  A quick look at the score card, again.  Montana voters cast their ballots for Trump (R), Zinke (R), Bullock (D), Fox (R), Arntzen (R), Rosendale (R), Stapleton (R), Montana Senate 32/50 (R), Montana House 59/100 (R). The only victory belongs to Bullock.  Yet we should celebrate.  If we can buy ball ticketsnero-6781911 we have money we didn’t give to Jenuea, if we can buy a ball gown we have money we didn’t give Romano, if we can donate to a ball we have money we didn’t give Laslovich.  If any of that is the case, then the defeat hangs around our neck as much as it does the party that abandoned them.  A gala ball.  An analogy.  When the British evacuated at Dunkirk they did not celebrate.  They gave thanks at having escaped, healed, took assessment of what was left, developed alliances, consolidated resources, grew stronger and defended themselves from the threat above. They, along with their allies, quietly and deliberately prepared to deliver a devastating blow.  Democrats should be quietly giving thanks for what they did salvage in this election and put the money away for 2018.

‘We must be very careful not to assign deliverance the attributes of victory.’  Winston Churchill

Some Shame.  Like Hillary Clinton, the Executive Director of the Democratic Party disappeared after the election and has made rare appearances since.  A few of those fleeting glimpses are canned video clips made from her office at party headquarters.  In the true spirit of her catholic school upbringing, Keenan delivers a healthy dose of old school shame to you and anyone else watching.  ‘Is this what you voted for?’ Now don’t you just feel awful about what you’ve done?  Well you should.  Now she should ask ‘and how many of you have I converted and brought back into the democratic fold?’  The likely answer, none.  Much like her strategy through the election, this won’t work and will only further alienate a disenfranchised base.  After all, and like it or not, this is what the majority voted for.  It’s high time the ‘principals’ of the party take a look at that threat from above, the resources they have left and prepare for tomorrow.  That tomorrow will take new and bold leadership that is willing to listen to the base with an open mind and the idea that a lesson is to be learned which will allow the results to change.  Keenan isn’t watching, Keenan isn’t listening, Keenan is only talking.

‘Where there is no vision, there is no hope.’  George Washington Carver


‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’

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