Ma Joad Would Be Proud

19632721Across the nation millions are on the move with dignity and grace.  Montana, once again, showed its greatness with some 10,000 women, children, men and dogs converging peacefully on the grounds of the Montana State Capitol.  There was no vandalism, no rioting, no blindside punches and no calls to violence.  Only calls to resist, organize, agitate and remain vigilant.

It was truly a beautiful sight to behold; women of all ages, children dressed for a day in the cold and snow, men in proud support, tribal members in full regalia, LGBT, all races, veterans, Labs, German Sheperds and mutts.  A sea of pink hats, signs, mittens snow pants and rosy cheeks.  What was missing?  Counter protestors, subversive instigators and agitators.  A true peaceful event in the spirt of the first amendment of United States Constitution.  Be proud Montana, this is who you are and who you have always been.

To the organizers, drivers, set up crew, clean up crew, sponsors and anyone else who put this march together here in Montana and across the nation, and most importantly to those who showed up, a most heartfelt and tearful thank you.  You have brought inspiration and renewed spirit.16179371_10158180736770038_4979733659942610095_o

Today must mark a crossing of the line of no return and we must all put our shoulders to the cause.  Today ‘The Donald’ and his followers must feel the fear of a disturbance in the force.


‘Maybe all women got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’


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