‘Captain, there’s a passenger who wants to speak to you.’   ‘Yes?’   ‘This is a highjack!!  Fly me to the Governor’s office and no funny business!  I got a pay plan and the 2020 Governor’s race in this backpack and I ain’t afraid to you use them!’

Two of four heavy armed Lebanese Chi'ite

That’s right state workers, your trip through the legislature for your meager pay increase no longer belongs to you or your unions.  Representative Julie Dooling (you know, the Dooling who could get elected) introduced her pay plan that was swiped word for word from Representative Moffie Funk.  The Republican’s have cleverly taken hold of that negotiated deal and made it their own.  And there isn’t anything your Governor or union bosses can do about it except try figure out how to say ‘well, we got it passed for the first time in a decade. So what’s the problem?’

The problem isn’t today, tomorrow or a few weeks from now when HB 175 has moved at warp speed through both houses and to the Governor’s desk for signing.  The problemhyper5 will be how you look back at this in November of 2020 when you have to decide who you want to be in that office for the next eight years.  This highjacking isn’t about what’s good for state workers and finally giving them the respect they have always been due.  It’s about votes and who signs the next pay plan, or for that matter, doesn’t.

In case you haven’t been paying attention for the last ten years Tuesday was the first time that what was House Bill 13 made it out of the House Appropriations Committee.  It’s also important to remind all of you that in those same ten years the Republicans have controlled both the House and Senate, meaning this could have happened all along.  But it didn’t.  This isn’t a freebie by any means and you should all beware of Greeks baring gifts, in a manner of speaking.

So enjoy this rare turbulence free flight of 66th legislature and count on those benevolent Republicans to bail out in the 67th legislature with the only parachute on the plane. the-pursuit-of-db-cooper-1TGTJ

‘Maybe all men got one big soul ever’body’s a part of.’

One thought on “Hijacked!

  1. Have you by chance looked at Jennifer Fielder lately? Her FB page shows her in Texas on vacation. What is she doing there and who is paying her to be there? Is she still getting her legislative pay since they don’t get annual leave? Everyone else in the legislature is hard at work and she’s off playing?

    Just wondering, ~~joe

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